• Nov 23, 2018 - 19:37

Is it possible that in the new Musescore 3.0 you can use and play the group of 4 notes that is placed between two different notes?

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As nobody answered, I suppose, this feature is NOT part of MuseScore 3 (?)
In this case I want to second this feature request.

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The symbol in the picture is in the ornaments palette and plays back the way it is in the other picture. I guess no one noticed this post while we were working on getting 3.0 beta ready for release. BTW, it as in the articulations and ornaments palette in version 2 and worked fine there also.

What was throwing me was the placement of the symbol between the two notes. I was expecting the playback to be altered when it was placed like that, but it's the same as when you place the symbol only above the first note. You can move it using the inspector or arrow (while in edit mode) if you want to.

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