3.0 handbook: Updating

• Nov 24, 2018 - 15:50

Continuing from here, I've created a document outline page for the 3.x handbook. Notes of all the updates required can be added to the relevant entries in the outline. The "Director of Operations" can use it to plan any major changes, while editors can refer to it to see what needs updating. When an editor has finished a particular update s/he can cross it off the document outline.

Just an idea …


Thanks for starting this, and sorry for not responding sooner. So, this page looks similar to the regular 3.0 Handbook outline page https://musescore.org/en/handbook-3, but with the extra text removed - just the links?Is the idea that we would actually add text to this outline to make notes on which pages need updating, who will do the work, and so forth, so the main Handbook page stays clean?

If so, then I like this, and think we just need to expose it better. I see there is a link to this page from the top level Handbook page (the one you get if you press "Up" from other Handbook pages). I guess this page is automatically generated based on the parent/child relationships of the pages themselves, but we can add text to the top. So probably we should add text to the top of this page, as well as to the "main" Handbook page, pointing people to this document. We don't really ordinary readers of the Handbook to be going there, but I can't think of a better way to reach people who might be thinking of doing some editing work on the Handbook.

Makes sense to people?

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I think this is a good idea to help keep people from stepping on one another's toes and reduce duplication of effort. I have two suggestions for this page

  1. Put instructions for it's use at the top of the page so writers know what is expected. Like, Edit the title of the item you are working on indicating that you are working on it. I also suggest a start date be included so if someone has an item they've been working on for too long, they can be contacted to see if they are still working on it, though this can eventually be seen by using the revisions in the menu and finding the correct change.

  2. Have someone look at page regularly to make sure people are working on projects they say they are working on. This person can contact workers who have claimed they are working on the page too long to see if the project needs to be unassigned.

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