A way to apply "load style" to all the parts at once

• Nov 27, 2018 - 01:41

I don't think there is but correct me if I'm wrong, a way to simultaneously apply a saved style to the entire score and parts at the same time. Instead what Ive found myself doing is painstakingly going through all 20 someodd applying a style. Thanks.


Several possibilities depending on where you are in the process and whether this is a one-time thing or not. Easiest is probably if you haven't created the parts yet and want to do this often. Just go to Edit / Preferences / Score and set your file as the default for parts (as well as for score, for future scores). Or, load the style file then generate the parts - parts automatically inherit the score style by default. If you've already generated the parts, you should be able to laod into one, then go to Style / General, and hit Apply to all Parts (might need to change something first?)

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Has this changed in 3.0?
I cannot seem to find Style/General and under style, I have "add to all parts" (its translation into Estonian) that I cannot click under any style menu.
I have already created the parts and modified their appearance before I read about this possibility here. And it seems that the fonts do not change in the parts after loading the style.

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