Instrument names in 3.0

• Nov 28, 2018 - 01:35

Am I missing something or is there no way to adjust the font on instrument names (long and short) attached to staves without embedding font information.


Not sure what you mean by 'embedding', but I just went to style, scrolled down to the bottom, and manually changed every single one to old standard tt.

Probably should be an option to set a default font for everything at once. But it worked.

I can't even select staff text to edit it at all, though if that's what you're asking. I expect grief in string parts that divisi hard.

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You manually changed every singe one to old standard tt?

What I mean is that you can use embedded code in the staff properties long and short names to changed the font. I've seen it done but don't know exactly how to do it. In the Format->Style->Text Styles, there are no instrument names listed. This seems to be an oversight. I just want to confirm with one of the program contributors before I turn it into a bug report.

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I just tried creating a score using concert orchestras and classical orchestra using version 3 and still don't get instrument names in the text styles list. I forgot about them being moved to system. Unfortunately they forgot to include the "Size changes with spatium" options, so my instrument names don't change size with the text.

big text.PNG

I think that explains the import issue.

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For the record, as discussed in the issue, the spatium settings is present, it's in Format / Style / Text Styles, not in the various other palces where some subset of the settings might be duplicated. And this setting does work in at least soem scores imported form 2.x, if not for this one. No idea yet what's different.

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For the record, the full list of text styles was made available in Format / Style / Text Styles only quite recently a week or so ago, we haven't yet gone through and removed the duplicate fields from the other sections. not totally sure it's worth it, sometimes maybe it's nice to be able to edit the font same place you edit other attributes? Maybe not so much for isntrument names which arne't all that related to the other system settings, but see for example lyrics or tuplets.

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BTW, what do you mean "I can't even select staff text"?

As for making changes to multiple text styles at once, I feel your pain, having just updated the jazz templates. A possibility I didn't use but now realize I could have is to do Format / Save Style, then load the MSS file into a text editor, use search/replace, save, then laod the result back into your score (and other scores as desired).

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Lol, that sounds complicated, didn't occur to me either. It'd be better to have a system default option for text fonts so you can change all at one easily if you like.

And I think he's referring to the 'Hoerner I', etc. You can't select them, or edit them outside staff properties, which is something of an issues when you want your staves labeled in complicated ways.

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Yes, a way to set font face at least for all text styles at once would be a nice addition, wouldn't be hard.

I know mike320 is referirng to instrument names. But you (Luarelin" said you couldn't even select staff text, which is why I asked. Maybe you meant instrument names, though, in which case, yu're right - they are generated on the fly and not intended to be selectable. To edit instrument names, you use Staff Properties, same as in 2.x

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