"Size changes with spatium" not honored correctly for imported score

• Nov 28, 2018 - 05:56
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There is no option in Format->Style->System to set "Size changes with spatium" as is possible with most other text items. When I import a file,

big text.PNG

is what I get.


I am not sure this wasn't done on purpose. But even without that setting available to change in the future, scores should be imported properly. I guess maybe in your score, this setting was turned off (the default is to have it on for instrument names and the size had been set manually? Or maybe it was actually imported from 1.x, which managed this entirely differently? I haven't seen the result you are showing here, could you please attach the score?

Title "Size changes with spatium" checkbox missing from instrument names in style settings "Size changes with spatium" not honored correctly for imported score

Actually, the checkbox is present, it's under Format / Style / Text Styles. We only recently completed that list, probably we should go back and remove the partial controls form the other sections of the dialog (they do synchronize, though).

I can see it isn't checked for long instrument name; if I check it, it works. But my own imported 2.x scores don't show this issue, nor could I reproduce it from scratch. More investigation needed obvious. But the import issue is obviously real for this score, so I've changed the title accordingly.

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Long a short instrument names are missing from the styles list.
text styles list.PNG
This is the list from the score in question. I haven't seen long and short instrument names in any score. I tried creating several from scratch and still didn't see them.

The strangest part is that everything is the text is correct in this file when I import it and have the same option in the text styles list.

I created both scores using version 2.3.2 and imported both scores using the same build within minutes of one another in 3.0.

Edit: I just downloaded the latest nightly to ensure it hasn't changed. I get the same results with both scores.

Where are you seeing that list? That looks like the list from builds of a week or more ago, but Beta and current master should look very different from that. Are you sure you are running the beta? See Help / About and make sure Version says

Also, be sure you are looking at Style / Fortmat / Text Styles, which has the full list of text styles you can customzie. There is a shorter list (for now at least) of selectable styles in the Inspector- the ones that make the most sense to select for regular text elements, as opposed to ones used only for automatically-generated elements. But even that list should look different - Title should be at the top either way.

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I can't explain. I just downloaded and tried the latest build and the instrument names are included. As a result I see a different issue.

I checked "Size changes with staff space setting" for the long instrument name only, and all of the items that were previously displayed with this ignored are now correct.

I get the same issue with the scores from OpenScore. Just as for @mike320, they are opened with text not respecting the staff size, but fixing it for one style instantly fixes it for them all. However, they should ideally look correct without having to fix anything.

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Peter, can you test again with a current build? If you still see a problem, can you attach one of the scores, and say which style is not handled the way you expect?