"Page Width" as default zoom setting

• Nov 28, 2018 - 11:56

Every time when I open MuseScore it starts with zoom setting 100% which is a bit too wide for my screen. So my very first action is setting zoom to "Page Width"
Is there a possibility to make "Page Width" the default?


None of these are quite ideal because if you deal with pages of different sizes, no single zoom setting is the same as "page width". But maybe, it's useful enough.

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Thanks guys, you're great.
These are very helpful hints for workarounds. But they are just workarounds. Marc is right that all are not the same as 'page width'.
'start with last session' helps in case I open MuseScore by clicking MuseScore.exe to continue editing the last score I was working with. It doesn't help when I double click an MSCZ file what I do most of the time.
Reducing the default zoom setting in preferences is helpful in many cases. My pages are usually DIN A 4 so different page sizes are not an issue. But sometimes I just use the notebook screen and sometimes I use an external monitor in portrait position. These two situations would need slightly different zoom settings.
I wonder why 'default zoom settings' in preferences doesn't use the same UI control as the zoom settings in the menu bar.

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I quite agree with this thread - being able to set a zoom preference should include all the options that are available with the GUI, and "page width" should be one of them. I ran into this when I got more familiar with the power of the Inspector panel, and when I activated it, I lost the view of part of my page. When I select s zoom setting of "Page width", I always see the full page - which is just what I want.

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