Can't edit cresc./dim text to più, with accent mark

• Nov 28, 2018 - 15:44

US keyboard, accent marks via regular means are beyond me. The text line editor in the pallet has B,I, and U options, but no alpha/special chars.


Another way in Windows is to copy & paste with the character map.
That's how I edited this line.
accent characters.mscz
I have no idea how exactly to do JoJo's method. I understand F2, but how do you call it from within the line editing dialog?

It's the same issue we've long face for the copyright symbol in the Create New Score wizard or in Score Properties - if your particular OS / keyboard doens't provide a way to enter special characters, you're out of luck. Most do, but some dont', and even for those that do, not everyone nows about them (eg, Alt+Numeric0169 on many Windows systems). So far no one has come up with a real good solution, though.

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