Adding illegal local time signature give error message concerning tuplets

• Nov 30, 2018 - 13:58
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I get a message "tuplet cannot cross the barline" , just trying to add 5/4 on a new blank bar.
exisitng file created in musescore 2


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Type Performance Functional

I can't reproduce this though, Ctrl+5 creates a 5-let in a 4/4 measure

It's about adding local time signature, but the musescore message is: can't add tuplet, the bar was a new file there was no problem , but yes in the existing file.

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Title can't add 5/4 tuplet Adding illegal local time signature give error message concerning tuplets
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Reproducibility Once Always
Severity S2 - Critical S4 - Minor
Status needs info active

Marc, who wrote this code, explained that he was under a time crunch when he wrote the code and reused existing error messages. Perhaps it's time someone fixed these errors so they make sense.

I'm making this a minor bug due to few people using the feature and the fact that it is (mis)informational only.

To be clear though - you aren't just trying add a regular 5/4, you are using Ctrl to deliberately add it to just one staff (or had previously done that so this 5/4 would affect such a staff)? In which case, yes, it's a known limitation with a misleading error message. If this was just a normal 5/4 added to a normal score with no "local" (affecting one staff only, via Ctrl) time signatures, we would need you to attach your score and give us steps to reproduce the problem in order to investigate further.

And yes, there was no way at the time this check was added to put out a better error message. Probably should have been dealt with in the three years since, but oh well.

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Regression Yes No

You need to attach your score. I'm betting you have tuplets that last longer than 1 beat in the score and changing from 4/4/ to 5/4 will put them on a bar line, which is illegal. It's not a regression, it's been there as long as I know of, but the local time signature errors still need to be fixed.

with non-local time sisgs?
Not for me (in 2.3.2 and Beta) and even for a local timesig the error message is different, "Can't change local time signature: Measure is not empty."

Message probably depends on the context - eg, if you actually adding a local time sig or adding a global one to an area currently containing a lcoal one, whether notes are present, etc.