Initial documentation of new features

• Dec 1, 2018 - 00:00

I've written up something on the main new features in MuseScore 3 and added it to the front of the Handbook. Here's a direct link:

It's not especially polished, but it should serve to help people in testing and in updating the rest of the Handbook. The sections on the Mixer and Piano Roll Editor are unfinished, the former because I think it's still undergoing changes, the latter because I don't understand it myself yet :-)

Anyone is welcome to edit this page and edit it to correct any errors or omissions, but don't think of this as the actual documentation for the features. That is, if you want to document the new "parts from voices" facility, do it in the main body of the Handbook itself, using my page as a reference.

BTW, there should be an automatically-generated list of links at the top of the page but that doesn't seem to be working yet.


Bump! If we only had a sticky option.... I need to try the separate staves/ossia, but I had to come here to figure out how.

If any of these new features will be allowed to have a key shortcut, i'd love to know the function name (equivalent to "file-save" as an example). and the context (i think they're called STATEs) in which the feature can be accessed, such as when a note is selected, or just a beam, or whatever.
If i know these, i can add them to the new, re-formatted shortcut list.

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