Multiple jumps - segnos- codas don't work

• Dec 4, 2018 - 18:19

Hi all! I know that this topic has been discussed too many times in the last 8 years when I searched, I came across similar questions, yet no satisfying and practical answer.

Please see attached a musescore file that our teacher prepared for solfeggio studies.

We just would like to have the section 10 repeated twice. (measures 114-122). When I try to make it happen by using segno and D.S. , it doesn't work, it jumps to the segno in the beginning of the sheet.

I tried everything, like the versions in the past, I tried varied segno and DSS. or varied coda and coda 2.

Anyway, you could say that "it is only 8 measures we are talking about, why not write them without repeats?", but what if we needed to repeat a much longer part and had to do it with jumps&repeat signs to be able to hear in the playback?

We would really appreciate your kind answers.

Best regards!

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press f8 to bring up the inspector
select your D.S. al coda
down in the "jumps" section enter:
jump to: segno2
play until: to coda2
continue at: coda2

now select you 2nd segno
down in the label write: segno2

now select your 2nd coda
down in the label write: coda2

now select your 2nd "to coda" text
down in the label write: to coda2


if you want any repeats to play between D.S. al coda and to coda2 then:
press f8 and select the D.S. al coda
at the very bottom of the "jumps" section there's a small tick box that says play repeats,tick that.

if you want to add multiple D.S. al codas then just repeat everything and increase the number e.g. coda 3, coda4, coda5

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