2 bar repeat for Musescore 3?

• Dec 7, 2018 - 23:38

Hi everyone I'm writing a cadence and I want certain parts to repeat for 2 bars is there any way to do that on musescore 3?


This is my single biggest complaint about musescore. It's really come along and it is really good program, but this issue ALWAYS comes up. I'd even sacrifice playback to get it. But the hack with join measures doesn't even work if only one part has repeated 4 measure figures. This comes up ALL the time in popular and jazz music.
So it isn't just two measure repeats, 4 measure repeats are also relevant.

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If you don't need playback, it's quite easy in current versions of MuseScore. Just select the barline between the two measures where you want the repeat sign to appear, then add it from the Symbols palette (press "Z" to display it). A couple of quick clicks to center it over the barline and you're done.

I just installed the latest beta version of Musescore and this 2 bar repeat functionality works great. Those instructions for doing it in v3 gave me a headache! I'm rolling with v4 beta now.

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