ctrl-shift-del or ctrl-shift-backspace does nothing

• Dec 9, 2018 - 10:05

They are labelled "Full measure rest" in preferences>shortcuts but they do nothing either with one note selected, either with the full measure selected.
To get a full measure rest, I must select the measure and press ctrl-del
When the full measure is selected:
backspace does nothing, and either ctrl-del or ctrl-backspace remove the measure.
But shift-ctrl-del or shift-ctrl-backspace does nothing.


Ctrl+Del is supposed to delete the entire measure or 'time-wise' delete the selected CHord/Test (resutling in an irregular measge)
Ctr++Shift+Del works dor me and creates a full measure rest.
Difference in keyboard layout or OS? German QWERTZ on Windows 7 here

I have checked on http://keyboardchecker.com/ and pressing CTRL+SHIFT+Backspace on my keyboard highlight exactly the expected keys.
I can't understand why MuseScore has so many problems to handle keyboard inputs.
I use Visual Studio which has tons of shortcuts, and running it on a virtual machine to which I connect from Brussels with azerty Belgian keyboard or from London with qwerty UK keyboard.
Going from Brussels to London I only need to switch the keyboard at OS level for all applications at once (who had the idea to make MuseScore ask for the keyboard??) and I have never had any issue with any shortcut in Visual Studio.
Perhaps MuseScore uses pure Qt keyboard management and Qt has some bugs in their routines?

The "Full measure rest" command turns a rest into a full measure rest, but only if that rest is on the first beat of a measure, and the measure is empty except for rests. It does not delete notes. That is what the "Delete" command is for.

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