Ver. 2.3.1. ( Mac). I can't connect 3 eight notes under single triplet beam.

• Dec 12, 2018 - 23:29

The first screen shot is what I am trying to do and the second is what I get. I have read and reread the manual regarding this several times and am now completely stuck. Any ideas are appreciated.


First picture looks wrong - if that's simple meter, the beaming of the eighths is wrong, and if it's compund, then the quarter rest is wrong. In any case, as mentioned, there are no tuplets here.

In order to assist better, it would help if you attached your actual score, and also maybe give a little more context (where did that first picture come from, what time signature is it, what does the rest of the passage look like, etc).

But FWIW, you can certainly recreate the same incorrect looking using the Beam Properties palette if you really need to. I'd advise against it, though, unless there is some special reason.

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