Album feature removed?

• Dec 13, 2018 - 23:11

I ah, might have made two different scores for movements on the same symphony, thinking I could concat later.

Say it ain't so?


It sounds like it's being temporarily disabled since it works so poorly in version 2. I've seen discussion to turn in on in an update sometime after the release of version 3.

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Worked well enough in MuseScore 2 within a lot of limitations, but less well in MsueScore 3 because some internals have changed. You can re-enable it by starting MuseScore from the command line with the "-e" (experimental) command line option.

We do hope to re-introduce this, or a better alternative, soon.

Hi...I'm a little late chiming in...but I did love the album system in 2.0, but yes it did have some limitations, and so I hope for a better alternate system in 3.0. One thing I would really like is the ability to easily break apart the scores after they were joined. Cause maybe I just want to share or deal with one part of my multi-score master piece.

One problem I kept running into in 2.0 was the render engine was slow, and my computer wasn't super fast, that it became really hard to edit things after I performed the album score join.

Another idea other than having an actual score join is to rather have a concept of a collection of scores. already has this concept... So maybe have that concept in the desktop app. Or maybe allow the .mscx file format be able to act as a container for an ordered set of scores. And those would be opened together and saved together, and could be uploaded to together...and maybe act as a collection. Maybe the container file would have the style settings among the many scores shared in one spot. And then have easy way in the GUI to navigate between the scores...rather than actually joined the scores into one.

In the 2.x edition of Musescore under heading, FILE, was an option called Albums. This option allowed the composer to combine several files into one piece of music like the movement in quartet. Nothing in each file was lost and the movements were automatically titled. It was fast and easy. That option is not in the 3.x version of Musescore. To do the same thing in the current version is time consuming. I can combine the files as before, but I have to go to ADD, choose option FRAMES and choose and choose INSERT A TEXT. At this point I can add text identifying the movement or section.
For some reason, when I add the score, the following are stripped from the score: any text except STAFF TEXT; all theDYNAMIC markings and all the REPEAT BARS. To be certain there are no errors I have to print a copy of the original score files to work from to replace the missing parts.
I can find no instructions for this procedure. Please restore the
Album feature.

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So you know, the album feature was entered as a hack back in version 2.0 for a specific purpose. String quartets follow the rules for the original purpose, so they work well. Other scores, don't work so well if there is any variation in the number of staves or instruments on the staves. It was decided to fix it so the "album" feature will work better by recreating it from the ground up. I don't write any of the code, so I don't know when, but it will be returned at some point and work better for everyone when it arrives. At least that is the plan I heard.

So what I have noticed appear 2 years ago in the code was a Movements class inside actual libmscore by a commit (29a1f47) from werner called "add Movement class":

//   Movements
//    A movement is a unit of a larger work that may stand
//    by itself as a complete composition.
//    A MuseScore score file can contain several movements represented as
//    MasterScore's. A MasterScore can have several parts represented
//    as Score. MasterScores are connected in a double linked list.
class Movements : public std::vector {
      UndoStack* _undo;
      QList _pages;          // pages are build from systems
      MStyle _style;
      Text* _headerText  { 0 };
      Text* _footerText  { 0 };

I presume that is intended to be the replacement for albums...which is great because it is inside the actual internal representation of the MasterScore, which contains a list of scores in this Movements class. I haven't heard anything about GUI for accessing these movements...I presume this is just the preliminary functionality.

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