• Dec 20, 2018 - 23:03
Reported version
S3 - Major

Musescore 3 won't recognize my USB Midi but Musescore 2 does fine. This is an issue because I need the MIDI to work for composing. Please fix.


Severity S1 - Blocker S3 - Major
Status closed needs info
Type EPIC Functional

In order to investigate we need more info, like what OS, what MIDI device, what your settings say in Edit / Preferences I/O, and whether you remembered to connect and turn your keyboard on before starting MuseScore.

Meanwhile, I am assuming other input methods work fine, so this does not fit the definition of "blocker" in the instructions.

I Test with and use MIDI Linux & especially macOS on every build. Long term I still think the external "MuseScore Fluid/Zerb Synth" is the way to go :)

MIDI device drivers can be hit and miss at times and the report might be more machine and equipment specific problem. The generic system drivers in the latest versions of OS for Linux UBUNTU and macOS are the most solid I have seen in ages.

MIDI has improved a lot from V 2.3.2 with the new UI changes especially with a large number of instruments. mac OS Mojave is excellent now with MIDI even with my hardware. Not real configurable under V2.3.2 now it is much more useable.

Presently there are some quirks with setting ports and channels but since the big burst of fixes (splash changes from black to blue), once you get the settings as you want them playback works.The values can scramble especially on playback. this has improved a lot as the UI performance is getting sorted. The mixer sliders are still a little jittery using the mouse to slide the knob but that is improving.

What is really good is the sync between the internal synth and the midi playback devices. Playback timing is improving as the playback / background code performance is sorted out. Note Playback timing isn't very repeatable except on very simple pieces. V 2.3.2 is rock solid repeatable on playback timing. Trying to record live isn't possible at the moment except for simple stuff a lot of fixes to test ATM...

MIDI export works well as does MIDI import. I used MIDI to clean up a very large V2 document that the nightlies just won't open.

Maybe it is windows but that would be a surprise.