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• Dec 27, 2018 - 11:42

Hi! I want to copy and paste tuplets, but I get the message "can't paste tuplets" when I try.

I want to copy a part that looks like pic 1, to a part tat looks like pic 2, but i wont work. Without tuplets, it is no problems. Why? I do not get wrong notes, it just wont paste at all. The bass notes are also tuplets (sextols) but I don't want the sextol symbols to be visible, so it wont show. However, if there are any rests, it will show and I have to manually make it invisible. Thats why it looks like it does in the pic. When printed, nothing of it will show.

I checked the handbook but did not find any answer to the paste problem. I also googled without finding anything about this.


Instead of making the tuplet number and -bracket invisible, you can tuern them of entire, by setting them to none in Inspector.
Why you can't cpoy/paste these 6lets is beyond me, would need to see the actual score that shows that problem, as it works for me.
What time signature is that? Got to be 2/4 or similar, for 6lets 16ths, right?

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Rossini_MoseInEgitto_Preghiera.mscz If I make number in tuplets white, then all tuplet without a rest will be invisible (bracket wont show if there is no rest). Just one setting. But if I make them non existant in inspector, I have to mark every tuplet one and one. Takes more time than having to do that just with the ones with a rest in it.

Sometimes (seldom) I can copy and paste, but most often not. No matter how I do and how I prepare the measures I want to paste into.

This score is somewhat tricky, since I found a handwritten score that I am tidying up a bit. So there are some compromises to make it not look very messy, but here the MS-file is (not finished at all):

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You can change multiple tuplets at a time, either a list selecteion (click 1st, Ctrl+click subsequent) or via a range seelection (click 1st measure, Shift+click last, rightclick one tuplete, seleca all similar in selection)

Where's the copy/paste problem? I can'r reproduce it. It is not possible to copy/paste partial tuplets, it is also not possible to paset tupletes so they would need to cross a barline, but other then that it seens to work fine for me

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Ok, that's strange. Must be some other problem then. If I copy one measure like in my first pic, and try to paste it into a measure like the second pic, it just give me the message "can't paste tuplets".

But then, once in a while it works. I cant see what differs when it works. I can copy and paste the tuplet that is made of several tuplets combined (where the fastest notes are). Even without making anything at all to the measure I want to put it in.

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