Another MS3 glitch--cursor seems to stick sometimes?

• Dec 29, 2018 - 03:19

Note the Bb Cornet 1 part I started and compare it to the Eb Cornet part above it. I found that the cursor doesn't advance sometimes, and a rest results instead of the intended note. Very frustrating.

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Can you see where the intended notes in Bb cornet become rests [compare to Eb cornet part above it]? These are NOT the same notes entered repeatedly and it doesn't happen as a particular pattern, just randomly it seems. What you see on the Bb cornet part is where I did not manually advance the cursor for each note, simply entered it as I have always done, either by midi keyboard or by qwerty. This is very weird and very troubling.

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It is quite weird. Just some observations, there is no particular note causing the issue. There is no specific duration that causes the issue.

Do you have shortcuts defined for different note input modes? The only note input mode that might make this make sense would be one of the Real Time input modes, such as automatic and you don't enter notes in time or manual and you accidentally use the advance shortcut without entering a note. These are just some thoughts that would explain something I haven't seen before.

For the Bb cornet, did you enter the notes with qwerty or midi? It might help to know if this happened always using one method or totally random or if there is some pattern that we could distinguish. Was this the same method/pattern you used for the piccolo and Eb cornet?

Do you by chance have plugin shortcuts defined? I know it's not likely, but it won't hurt to check.

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I don't use the plug-ins, nothing is checked off in the manager, nothing at all in creator.
Picc part was C&P from Eb part and up octave.
I enter both from qwerty and midi keyboard and it happened from both.
I don't enter realtime ever-my piano skills don't warrant that.
And, yes, there is no particular duration, no discernible pattern at all. I hate intermittent problems!
Thanks for looking into this.

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I didn't realize you were the same person who posted the crash when you enter a repeat mid measure.

since your problem seems unique, I'm trying to understand what you did to find the problem. I find MuseScore to be a very easy to use program. With the release of 3.0, there are the occasional bugs and a few things I miss from version 2, but it doesn't cause me frustration. If it did for me what you describe, I would be frustrated.

You said that you entered the cornet parts using a combination of qwerty and midi keyboard. First of all, there should be no problem with this, but I don't understand why you switch from one to the other in the middle of entering notes. The only way this would make sense to me is if you use the qwerty to enter the duration and the midi to enter then note. If this is the case, do you have a numeric key pad and do you use it? If you do something different please help me to help you.

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As mentioned, there is a known issue for MIDI input, also the piano keybaord window - did you read the description of that to verify if what you are seeing sounds familiar?

I've never experienced or seen reports of missing notes in QWERTY keyboard entry, so if you are seeing an issue, we'd need precise steps to reproduce the problem in order to investigate. I'm guessing, howeve,r you are simply misremembering and the issue only actually happened with MIDI and/or piano keyboard.

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Due to my set up and some hand/wrist issues, I generally input notes with midi and change values with the qwerty. However, many times I find it easier and more convenient to simply use qwerty, especially when also changing values on the note. So, I can say confidently that some of the missed notes were very likely to have come on qwerty strokes. Despite my liabilities when it comes to computing in general, my entry is usually quite accurate.
As to the known issues with midi, I did read them [and understood most of it]. My midi issues magically were adjusted overnight a couple days ago, the settings being corrected when I tried input before going to bed.
There are always going to be bugs and issues when undertaking such a complex project, I understand that. Some are silly and rather minor, such as taking 6-7 tries to go from 100% to 150% when I open a score to work on it. When I lose notes, that's really hard to deal with.
All your efforts are much appreciated!

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