Corrupt Score Crashes MuseScore without Being Able to Reopen

• Jan 3, 2019 - 18:02

I have a score that was fine is the last 2.x version of Musescore. I opened it for the first time today in Musescore 3.0. It told me that I had eight corrupt measures (they were likely the eight instances in the song repeated) where it said expecting 4/4 but got 1923/1920 (as evidenced by the rather ungainly rest inserted at the end of the corrupted measure). The corrupted measures were: 92, 96, 100, 104, 152, 156, 160, and 164. I tried taking the second to last eighth note in the measure and converting it to a quarter note (which sometimes has worked in the past I thought), but no dice. I reverted the measure back, and instead tried to drop a 4/4 signature into the measure to "force" it (probably a bad idea). The program generated a spinning wheel of death, so I forced quit. However, now everytime I launch MuseScore with this score, it crashes (after asking if I want to restore my previous session [tried yes and no to no avail] and if I want to rearrange the formatting). So I can no longer even open the file.

macOS Mojave 10.14.2

I have attached the MuseScore file. I have the crash dump from the Mac but I don't know if that is helpful or not. I do need to edit this file soon! And I am a big fan of MuseScore!

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The file you attached is the version 2 file. This is a very good thing. It means you can still open it. The file you are trying to open in version 3 is probably a broken version 3 file that is corrupt beyond repair, but that doesn't matter.

The score doesn't seem to have anything in the corrupt measures that I've see cause problems before. I've never seen plain triplets cause a corruption before. I thought it might be related to the falls at the end of the measures (only because I don't remember seeing them in a good imported score), but I deleted them and the corruption remained. That's something a programmer like Jojo can look into. In the mean time I'll do some more testing.

When you open this file in version 3, tell it to ignore the corruptions, then go to those measures and reenter them. In initial testing it seems you can select a measure with the corruption, press delete and reenter the measure with no problems. Once you reenter the bad measures, you can save, and MuseScore will ask where you want it.

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As a test, in the version 2 score, I opened it in version 2, inserted a new measure, reentered the notes in the corrupt instruments in measure 92, and measure 92 no longer corrupt.

I did the following to do this:
* deleted the parts so note entry would go faster
* Inserted a measure after 92
* entered the proper notes in the alto sax
* copied this to the tenor sax and fixed the last note
* copied these to the other instruments and adjusted octaves as necessary
* added all of the falls at once by selecting all of the notes that need them.
* deleted measure 92
* fixed ties in the other measures
* restored parts

When I saved the score and opened it in version 3, the corruption was gone.

This leads me to believe that you did something wrong when you added the triplets in the measures in question. Some questions follow that might help us understand.

How did you enter the score? Computer keyboard, midi, virtual piano?
What process did you use when you entered the triplets? That is, what keystokes did you use.
Did you have parts extracted when you entered the triplets?
If so, did you enter the notes into parts or the main score.

The purpose of these questions is to determine why there is a corruption when there should be none and hopefully be able to help others in the future.

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I was able to fix doing something similar to what you laid out above. All good and working.

As far as the original score.... I started this one PRIOR to version 2 of MuseScore, so it has been a while. However, I have edited it since using version 2 (at one point we did a key change). Since I don't specifically recall the entry of these measures, I can at least narrow it down per my usual practice:

How did you enter the score?: I do this via keyboard 99.99% of the time (and did here)
What process did you use when you entered triplets?: Just like I did now to rebuild the measures; I entered (via the keyboard) a quarter note that is the same note as the first note of the triplet, then I go back and use (on my Mac keyboard) Command-3. That puts me into entry mode and I usually just mouse in the additional two notes of the triplet.
Did you have parts extracted when you entered triplets?: While I cannot definitely say no, I highly doubt it. Generally I finish the piece in the score and extract the parts at the end. Since this is a repeated phrase in the song, I am sure this was entered into the score first.
When I DO make corrections, I enter them in the score 99.99% of the time since generally I have to adjust multiple parts at once and feel more comfortable in the score.

I hope this helps! And thanks!

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You started the score prior to vesion 2? I guess that means version 1. If that's the case, then the corruptions were probably created in version 1 and should have been reported in version 2 (version 1.0 didn't report corruptions).

I didn't use version 1 many times. Nothing you did should have caused problems in version 2. Reentering the corrupted measures in version 2 should prevent future corruptions. Perhaps a programmer will look at the version 2 score and see if there is a way to prevent the corruptions from appearing in version 3, but it sounds like it will be a low priority since it sounds like the score originated in version 1.x.

Thast score openes for me, when ignoring the corruptions
It isn't (yet) a 3.0 score, but was last saved with MuseScore 2.1 and opens without reporting corruptions in 2.3.2

And indeed there's a triplet in the corrupted measure (I looked at 92 only so far)

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