Blank space in continuous mode

• Jan 4, 2019 - 21:29
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This is a general comment. I really like 3.0, but there are too many problems. I get double key signatures insertions, a blank rectangle on the left side of the screen in continual mode, very slow movement when moving notes or other things (e.g., spacers, decrescendo lines), and abnormal sounding of notes (overly long hold) when selecting. Overall, the program is very sluggish. I am using an older Nvidia graphics card but it has sufficient memory (the computer has 24G) and has worked well with Musescore 2, Reaper, Adobe apps, etc. Anyway, I am going to have to go back to 2.x. I will look forward to revisions of 3.0 though.


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I am attaching two files. One (Assumption*) was created in MS 2.x and the second (Musescore 3) created in MS 3.0. The two major graphical problems - blank space and double key signatures in continuous mode but not in page view occurs in both. I am also attaching a pdf with screen shots to document how it looks on my computer.
My computer = Windows Ultimate 7 64-bit. All updates current. Computer type = ACPIx64. Motherboard = Alienware Aurora. CPU = Intel Quadcore i7-920. RAM = 24G. Video = NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 X 2 (2G RAM).

The sluggish performance is not as evident in the MS 3.0 generated file, so either it is a function of migrating a score from 2.x to 3.0, or it is the complexity of the score, or possibly my video card (although it works fine on big imaging files). In any case, I can probably work around this if I restrict to smaller scores.

Title Lots of graphical problems Blank space in continuous mode
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(I meant to set to "needs info", not "fixed")
The double keysig in continuous mode is know and reported elsewhere, like in #279925: Permanent courtesy time sig and key sig before system/page break when toggling in Continuous View and/or Parts
I don't see any empty space in continuous mode, Windows 7 too, MuseScore 3.0