Various Bugs In Ver.3

• Jan 6, 2019 - 21:07
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Using Mac OS High Sierra Ver.10.13.6

I apologize if this is not the "correct" place to enter my findings of various bugs, but I have compiled several and want to submit them as a single communication. And I also want you to know how much I love Ver.3. Being an early release is always prone to bugs, but despite these bugs it's easy to see how awesome Ver.3 will continue to evolve over the next few months. Congratulations to all of those who have worked SO hard - especially Mark - good on ya!

When starting the app, the popup dialogue box asking if I wish to “Check for updates automatically?” can’t be gotten rid of no matter which button is clicked nor by using the ESC key.

Some user assigned shortcuts don’t always retain their function and go back to being without definition.

When using Classical Guitar with TAB layout and attempting to use the mouse to drag a previously entered note to anything lower than low F (say for drop D tuning), the app stops you from dragging below low F. This is ONLY when using a score with TABS and the mouse to manipulate note positioning - manual keyboard note entry and manipulation work as they should.

The Inspector spin controls, when docked, can’t be accessed without undocking. They are pushed beyond the right-hand border.

Using shortcuts for toggling frames and unprintable, unlike ver.2, with ver.3 pushing the shortcut combinations seems to do nothing for either frames or unprintable. However, if you click in a frame and then click outside the frame, the frame will then not be shown. The same is true for unprintable like line breaks where you first push the shortcut keystrokes but it seems nothing happens until, again, you click on one of the breaks. This then toggles them out of sight.

That's all for the moment.


Status active needs info

Such a communication is best made in the Support and bugs report forum. The issue tracker is intended to have one bug in each report. Most of what you have reported are know bugs and being worked on.

For the tablature, there is a limitation when the music staff and the tablature staff are used that also happens with any grand staff (like a piano). Depending on the distance between the staves, there is a point at which you will no longer be able to put a note below the top staff or above the bottom staff with the mouse and the note will start to show up on the other staff. In the case of tablature, the note seems to completely disappear for a while before it shows up on the tablature. The same thing happened in version 2. To fix this, increase the distance between the staves.

You said that some use assigned shortcuts don’t always retain their function. Can you explain this better? Give specific examples so they can be looked into? One thing to keep in mind with shortcuts is that MuseScore will not remember them in the session after they are defined if MuseScore does not shut down normally during that session. To make a shortcut "stick" you have to shutdown MuseScore normally the restart it, then the shortcuts should be remembered from then on.

And please one issue per bug
If you want to discuss multiple issues on one place, use the forum.

as to The Inspector spin controls, when docked, can’t be accessed without undocking. They are pushed beyond the right-hand border.: there is horizontal slider at the bottom of the inspector, and you can also make the inspector window wider. Not a bug, but by design