Using Ellipsis character rather than three dots

• Jan 7, 2019 - 16:40

Good day translators. We have an ongoing discussion in the General forum Using ellipsis character (…) instead of three dots (...) within the context of strings like "Save as...". Please have a look for background purposes. What I would like to hear from other translators:

a) do you have any experience or preferences w.r.t. using either the ellipsis character or 3 dots?

b) do you have any objection to re-translate the 98 strings if they were to be changed in the source language?

NB: with regards to a concern of causing duplicate work for translators: if you had already translated these strings with 3 dots or ellipsis, the Suggestions-tab should recommend the previous translation, you would just have to change the translation copied from the suggestion from 3 dots to ellipsis if the previous translation was using 3 dots.


Ist is a bit more than 98 strings to translate, some 105 (not sure I counted 100% correctly) and even more to change (there are some untraslatable strings containing "..."), But the source string changes is a done deal,, it is just a matter of coming to some consensus whether to do it or not.
Also whether to to have it it for 3.0.1 (and later) only, i.e. start a new translation for that (which copying the old ones across). @Anatoly_os already complained about my just some 60 strings heavy to punch too many holes into existing translations

Good day translators

The developers managed to do a bulk replace of all three dots with ellipses:

  • For the source, it was merged as part of
  • For the translations, they did an export, find&replace and import. You will see that any strings containing ellipses will state something similar to "TRANSLATION BY ANATOLY_OS , 4 DAYS AGO."

They definitely saved us a lot of work!

  • Also note, that we have a Text style guide where we track conventions like this. If you find discrepancies in the source and also when they are not covered in the style guide, please raise it in the forum.

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One IMHO quite important part for the translations (on Transifex) is to use a glossary of terms, for each language, to ensure consistency (to not have the same english word being translated into defferent $LANG terms, not without good reason at least and being warned about it). Well, ensuring consistency is the actual goal, the glossary one possible tool for this...

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