More Range For G Bugles

• Jan 8, 2019 - 18:59

I am in a Drum & Bugle Corps that uses G Bugles and when I try to make music for it the instruments have a very very small range and it makes it so that I can't hear all the parts. Can this be fixed?


Can you explain what you mean in greater detail? Ideally, attach a score you are having trouble with and give us steps to reproduce the problem you are perceiving.

MuseScore does't even offer a G Buggle, Just Buggle, Soprano Buggle, Alto Bugle Bartiton Bugle Euphonium Bugle Mellophine Bugle and Contrabass Bugle.

Amateur range for Buggle and Soprano Bugle looks rather small indeed, just one octave, G4-G5, professional range 2 octaves, C4-C6, the range width for the otheer is the same, just lower in total. Except for Mellophone Buggle, which has a much larger range.
No idea whether any of this is correct.

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