MuseScore doesnt't read correctly MusicXML files created with PriMus

• Jan 10, 2019 - 20:28


when importing some sheet in MusicXML format, that are created with PriMus, the score part isn't correctly readed. In this case it is a violin + piano sheet, but the piano part is as a pause imported.

In one of the two examples that I join, I receive the error message "Fatal error: line 3273 column 42 Content of attribute number does not match its type definition: String content does not match pattern facet..", in the other no error message, but the part is only partially loaded.

The problem happens either with MuseScore 3.0 or with MuseScore 2.3.

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Schubert_Sonatina_Op_137_3_D408_2-3Mov.xml imports cleanly in a current development build
The other give an error you mention but imports when ignoring that

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Both issues are caused by PriMus:

File Dvorak_Sonatina_Op100_1.xml contains incorrectly encoded voltas (the "ending" element has a dot in the "number" attribute, which is not allowed). Fixed version attached.

When importing both files, the piano part is empty because it is not exported by PriMus (the files contain empty measures plus a comment stating "Multistaff-Parts sind noch nicht exportierbar").

It would indeed help if you could report this to the PriMus supplier (columbussoft).

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Thank you very much for the replies. I haven't PriMus, I use MuseScore that I find very good, I have access to a music database and these music sheets are only available in PDF, MusicXML, PriMus or MiDi format, so I have to use the MiDi and then improve the notation.
With MusicXML I found often problems, sometimes the sheets are available also in Capella format and this seems to go better, unfortunately I notice that some software don't create correct MusicXML, that should be universal.
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