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• Jan 11, 2019 - 10:23

Most of the time I use, to create a piece of music (score) for mixed choir. So it would be nice if a could create a "Style" which also includes my preference for the singing voice. I would choose "Ooh" for this. Now every time I have to set my preference separately on [Ooh]. But, Unfortunately, I have not been able to discover this option. If someone knows how to do this then please let me know.



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when a start up with a new score then I can choose a empty template to chose my on choir or instruments. But can't choose the sound for the chosen voices. I would like to have an template where the voice is preset in the sound with [Ooh] And don't know if something like that is possible.

Hi dear readers,
I continue to experience problems with setting the sound with vocals; soprano, alto, tenor, bass. Now I have download and install 3.01 of Musescore it is even more complex. I would like to have the opportunity to make a score for choir with the sound [Ooh] for all of the 4 voices S/A/T/B. But setting it up is completely different in the new version than version 2.3. It would be nice if the was the possibility to make this settings when starting up with a new score. So for now I'm going back to version 2.3 Or is there anyone ho could help me?


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I made a copy of the problem, when I look trough the staff/part properties then I see the right instruments(voices). But when I But when I choose the mixer then I don't see the right voices and I don't have the possibility to chains the sound.

Greeting and thanks for a response.

Thanks for your support. I'd found a (the?) solution. Look trough my file 04. By clicking the buttons in the pallet [Mixer] I could change the sound from [Aah] to that what I like to use [Ooh].
So far so good. But how can can make those settings to an template, so I not every time a make a score for choir, these settings manual must made. I will continue to explore.


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