Musescore 3 Crashing

• Jan 12, 2019 - 20:04

Whenever I attempt to open a file in MuseScore 3 it crashes as soon as the "Load Score" window opens and I am unable to do anything. Does anyone have a fix to this? MuseScore 2 still works just fine but I upgraded because my import files were no longer working in 2.


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No, this is my first attempt to use Muse Score 3. It does get past the splash screen, but when I click the File Icon or select File-->Open... through the task bar, it opens a file selector dialog box which would normally show my computer directory enabling me to choose a file to open. Unfortunately, the dialog box opens for all of 2 seconds before the entire program shuts down. Therefore I am unable to even choose a file to open.
Update: I just played around with it more. I can create scores, etc, but when I try to save them the same thing happens...dialog box opens, Muse Score 3 closes.

I'm on IOS 10.13.6 and after the last update (to Musescore 3), the "crashing" problema started.
I'm not trying to open any specific score. Just opening the program to create a new score.

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