Crash on attempting to remove staff

• Jan 13, 2019 - 01:08

Linux AppImage 3.0.0, similar Windows 10 install, and Arch Linux install crash when attempting to remove blank staff from attached score. I have hidden the blank staff, but if you change the Style to unhide, you will see it is still there. I can usually restart MuseScore and recover your work up to the point you attempted to remove the empty staff.


Any attempt to move or delete a staff on that instrument causes a crash. I tried with both the arrows and remove. Every thing crashed on the second instrument and deleting the first instrument was the only thing that worked.

My guess is it has something to do with the midi it was imported from. If you attach the original Midi, someone can see what went wrong. A successful midi import should not lead to a crash.

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There is two different things:

1) Issue when removing staff with the first attachment ("God of our fathers"), here: can't be reproduced now with the last 3.x dev. : 7271e04. Fixed there is a couple of days, and so will work for the next update.

2) Your attachment ("In Christ") in this current thread: a crash can be obtained by changing order of the staves.
This is a known issue, always active, and a duplicate of: #280937: Lyrics with hyphen on two systems crashes the program when changing the instruments order

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