Avoid new questions in Forum?

• Jan 13, 2019 - 16:26

I have a question, but I can not find a 'search bar' in the Forum. Does it exist, or should I go trough all 361 pages to find what I'm looking for? Or am I just too stupid to see it :-)


The search bar is well camouflaged for some reason and after you do find it it may prove challenging at times . (You may end up going through 361 pages.) Another helpful option is a regular search (Bing, Google, etc.) which may lead you directly to the solution on these very pages.
You'll also find folks here are very helpful.

Handy to know is that if you do a Google search using the text "site:musescore.org some text" , that will narrow Google's search for "some text" to that particular site.

Indeed, that's how many sites do a local search, without explicitly showing that they are using Google.

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