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• Jan 14, 2019 - 00:33

I don't know how to translate "Step offset" which is found in the Staff type Change inspector. What it does is move notes up or down the number of steps in the box. So if you have -2 in the box and enter an A it will look like a C.

I'll keep working on translations as I can tonight and add to the list so someone can fix the translations.


To get to 100% translation, there are only symbols and "Step offset" left. It seems Federico accomplished a lot, and I helped a little.

Hi mike, i just read this, i am not really sure how to translate step offset, maybe "desplazamiento en altura"? Im not 100% sure...
About the instrument names translations, i barely looked at it but i think most of them didnt need a translation to be understood, like folk instruments and such. Is it necesary to copy the same string in the translation in those cases to get the 100% completed status?

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IMHO every language should be 100% complete, all but eb_US which is just to correct the odd mistake between releases
If it is a deliberat decision for certain strings to use the Englush string, document so by copying it.
a 100% complete translation always gives a good indication on what is needed to be done for the next release, weh texts got updated or added.
For that reason it is also good to have them reviewd, when a string canges just slighly, it may still show as translated, but lose the reviwed status, so is a candidate for a double check

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