Preserve view mode choice

• Jul 23, 2014 - 18:21
S5 - Suggestion

Personally, I mostly work in Continuous view mode, so I'd find it useful if MS could keep that mode by default.

Possible ways I see to implement it :
1. Keep the last view mode used when reopening MuseScore.
2. Have an option in the Preference dialog to set the prefered view mode.
3. Save the view mode for each score in the file.

I'd be glad with any of these!


#2 appeals to me the most. That way your preference will also apply to newly created scores. I suppose #1 could also work that way, but it seems less natural. #3 I don't like - scores have no business recording details of the scoreview like mode or zoom or what background you have set etc.

Both 1 and 2 implies that the mode switch would become a property of MuseScore as whole. Currently you can have a score in continuous view and another one in page view.

Yes, I think different View mode for different score would still be possible. It's just at start up (or when opening a score), it would open the score in the default view mode. But, while working in MuseScore, user can chose which ever mode they like.

So in end, option 2 would probably be the best if we want to take into consideration opening or creating a new score while working in MuseScore. That implies (from my understanding) :
- Adding an option in the Preference dialog
- Saving this option to the user data preferences
- Adding an If condition when creating the ScoreView of a score to set the current View mode according to the Preferences.

I took #2 to mean, set the *default* view mode upon creating of a new score tab (ie, opening a score or using File / New). But then I assume you'd be able to change the view *for that tab*. So you'd still be able to have different views for different tabs.

In other words, #2 is almost exactly what is *already* the case, except the "preferred / default view" is hardcoded to always be page view :-)