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Is the sheet music here copyrighted? I sing in a choir that does performances which we sell tickets for. Due to this we are very careful about copyright issues. I would appreciate any information. Thanks for a great site!



The music is actually on and this is As for copyright, every score has a copyright assigned to it, you may need to click on "Show more" to see it. I would respect what is there unless I know the song is copyright and less than 70 years old, and then I would assume it's under copyright regardless of what the person who posted it claims. Once it's older than 70 years old, it may or may not be copyright because the copyright is valid until 70 years after the death of the composer. You should never have legal concerns if you follow this.

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I think you are all correct. In the event you do not have the poet's dates (as in my case) and her name does not appear on the list of public domain works, I believe you could get permission from the publisher, or the information you require, which is what I seek for a particular song.

I've been on legal sites for clarification of these CC licenses. It was suggested I seek out a copyright or license lawyer. (Jo-jo's bill ;-( ).

Reading elsewhere, perhaps the views of cynics, from what I could see none of these choices have any teeth. All that was once required to steal was a lack of principle and a magic marker, now it's easier. Even with a registered copyright before you go through all the legal procedures you have to actually know about the theft which is unlikely (I would think). While I've seen talented people here, this site, like all slices of humanity, has all kinds of folks, to include the scammers and porn peddlers. (If I'm a thief the words "all rights reserved" would mean nothing to me.)

While I've had few works published by publishers, the way I see it is if you don't venture the chance with CC, you're not getting your work out there.

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