PDF Export takes wrong pagesize (letter instead a4)

• Jan 16, 2019 - 21:36
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Using Manjaro and the Musescore 3.0
Create a new score with pagestyle a4. then select export excerpts. The PDF you get is in letter format and you are missing the title.
trying to set back the musescore version to 2.0 didn't fix the problem. Also checking /etc/papersize say a4. So i use german language and keyboard layout. and nothing fixes the issue. It seems that musescore takes the wrong fileformat for output. But because of getting the issue also with the backrolled old version I guess this might be not a pure musescore problem. There might be a problem with a lib for getting the locale of the system.


So I just want to add. The last Score I printed with the "old" version was in the middle of December. There everything worked fine. No Problem. Then over christmas I update like everytime when I have some time left my linux manjaro, just to be up to date. And now there is the problem. Even step back to a musescore 2.0.1 package or something like this didn't change the behaviour. So I think there might be gone something wrong with let's say a library Not within the musescore package itself. So I urgently needed today to get a PDF out of my Score. So I took linux Cups-PDF. But this didn't work either. I got just a blanc page. So then I tried the workaround to go another system. I took a windows system and tried to open the file... didn't work, because of new version. So I download and installed newest Musescore for windows. Exported PDF and yeah got a very well looking PDF. BUT! I send it to a friend who is using Adobe acrobat and not like my foxit and he just got a blanc white page and said: Cant open, just see a white page, Can you please take paper the other way round in the scanner? ;-) With old Musescore I never had this problem before. So I would assume there must be something wrong with PDF export independent from plattform with came with the update to version3 but not in the man package, more in a lib.

So I think this is maybe about the same issue:
And I googled about qt bug 5.12 printer pdf and found:
I looked at my wrong pdfs and found that there were commas in it and not points!

So like suggested I added to my etc/locale.conf LC_NUMERIC=C And then I got an A4 PDF after Export. So this Issue seems to be because og QT5 and not because of musescore.
So this might be a workaround

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I just made a post on the forum topic "Setting default printing papersize" which is the same issue as this. My problem, as is stated there, is that MuseScore is picking A4 instead of letter, which sounds like the converse of what is stated here. In briefly reading this post, and my experience, I don't believe that it is a Qt problem, and I just checked my version of Qt, and it is now 5.12.3 and I can report this problem persists.

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Actually there are two different potential issues here:

1) the default page size selected by MuseScore when creating a new score


2) the page size exported to PDF

There have been issues with both of these in the past, but they had nothing to do with each other. That is, the cases where the default page size of the score was wrong, the export was at least consistent with the score, and in the cases where the export was wrong, the page size of the score was set correctly. As far as I know all know cases of either problem are fixed. So if you are seeing a problem, we'd need to understand which of these two is the problem, and then get precise steps to reproduce the problem you are seeing.

The OP was apparently talking about case 2), which was a problem fixed after the release of MuseScore 3 (maybe for 3.1 or so?). So I am hoping the OP can confirm it is working for him in the current version 3.2.3.