Up bow? Down bow? Articulations.....

• Jan 16, 2019 - 23:25

I see an Up Bow in Articulations, but not a Down Bow. Is there a way to flip the Up Bow and make it a Down Bow? Pressing "x" changes the position from above to below and back again. It doesn't reverse the direction of the bow....

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The music is not string music. Looks more like piano music. Those can't be bowing directives.

FWIW, the bowing symbols V, and the other symbol that looks like an upper-case Greek Pi are, I believe, old symbols that derive from letters. Never seen the inverted V, or a bowing symbol below placed beneath a note.

As for what those symbols mean, I dunno. If I had to guess, I'd say accents, but not standard. I've never seen the marcato below the note. Organ toe directives?... Nah. I give up.

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LOL! I give up too. First rule in transcribing music ... "Match the scan, Don't change what the author wrote." The piano score will go in the HTML. But I also submit an AUDIO file with all the orchestra in it. If possible, I find an audio recording to emulate. Other than listening to eight hours of Wagner so far, this book isn't too difficult. Ethnic and tribal music can be challenging. I depend you YouTube for examples and suggestions. A lot of time listeners will get "My Best Guess." ;)

Indeed, those aren't bow markings but quirky-looking marcato accents. MuseScore has them but in a more standard appearance, and flipping them with "x" does what you would want.

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