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• Jan 19, 2019 - 18:53

Si se utiliza de nuevo la versión 2.3.2 y queremos IMPORTAR y convertir desde esta versión una partitura PDF, sí lo hace, pero no se puede editar con la versión 2.3.2; sale error o archivo defectuoso.
En la versión 3.0 echo de menos la función del plugins Name Notes; notas que aparecen debajo del pentagrama elegido y que puedes modificar su tamaño, tipo de letra y posición horizontal o vertical. En la nueva versión el nombre de las notas aparecen dentro de las cabezas de las notas; es feo y no se ven en las partituras. ¿Habrá una solución para esta función tan deseada por músicos en aprendizaje? Gracias.


Google translate:
If version 2.3.2 is used again and we want to IMPORT and convert a PDF score from this version, it does, but it can not be edited with version 2.3.2; error or file defective.
In version 3.0 I miss the function of the Name Notes plugins; notes that appear below the chosen staff and that you can modify its size, font and horizontal or vertical position. In the new version the name of the notes appear inside the heads of the notes; It's ugly and you do not see it in the scores. Will there be a solution for this function so desired by musicians in learning? Thank you.

English forum, English reply (there is also a Spanish forum):
1. PDF Import is pretty experimental. You may try to fix the corruptions, see
2. Plugins don't work in 3.0, see #280740: [Feedback form] Plugins don't work (the list of requests), You can have namend noteheads in 3.0 via Staff Properties > Advanced Style settings > Note Head Schema, but you don't seem to loke those, right? It is the workaround though.

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Thank you very much Jojo-Schmitz. but I know how to perfectly fix a corrupt file. The problem is that the score does not appear to correct those measures. The message that comes out is: file saved with a newer version. You click IGNORE and the message appears: bad format. And all this despite having converted from v.2.3.2.

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