Notes - Notation

• Jan 20, 2019 - 00:19

In the former MuseScore the double dot mark to lengthen the duration of a note was in the top of the screen together with the sharps and flats, etc. Now it is gone and I cannot figure out where it is. Double dots are very frequently used. PLEASE keep them ONB the screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You have a couple of options. Change to the advanced workspace and you'll get all of the extra palettes plus additional dots for notes. While in Advanced workspace you can create a custom workspace (click the Advanced below the palettes then press the + sign) and customize your workspace and remove anything you don't think you'll ever use. It will still be in the advanced workspace and can be added later. I always base my custom workspace on the advanced workspace because it's easier to see something and delete it than it is to decide you wish you had it then search for it to add to the workspace. BTW, you can also edit toolbars in the Custom workspace.

Double dots are rarely used, therefore they have been moved to the advanced workspace
There you'll also find the even more rare triple and quadruple dots

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