Converting Musescore 3 to Musescore 2

• Jan 20, 2019 - 09:50

Good morning!
The new version (Musescore 3) works very bad and slowly and I would like to convert my new created file into Musescore 2. How can I do it? Here is this file.
I'm sorry for my english.
Thank you,
Ivan P

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Can you be more specific about the problem you are experiencing with this score? In general, MuseScore 3 should be at least as fast as MuseScore 2, and I don't see anything going noticeably slow with the score you attached, nor do I see any evidence of other problems aside from an easily-corrected glitch with the formatting of your custom-edited tempo text.

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Hi Marc, I'm experiencing something interesting. When I close musescore 3, it crashes. Not a huge deal because I am closing it anyway, but something interesting happens. Anything that has been auto saved is safe, but if I try to close it before saving I get the dialogue asking me if I want to save before I quit. I click save and then as musescore is quitting, it crashes almost immediately. Even though I clicked save, nothing that wasnt already auto saved will remains.

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I'm not a code contributor so I don't fix issues. However, from my experience, scores made by MuseScore that crash MuseScore are among the highest priority fixes. One of the code contributors will likely drop what he's doing to find a fix and get it deployed for the next release. No one can knowingly fix a crash if they don't have a score to reproduce the crash.

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I'm editing a Musescore 2 file at the moment, and it keeps crashing (I can send if nec). I've had a couple of similar issues in the recent past. I'm not entirely happy with Musescore 3, and it certainly doesn't seem to be able to handle Musescore 2 files well. Why is there a difference anyway?

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If you want us to investigate a problem, then yes, you need to attach your score.

To answer the more general question:

Enormous improvements in the default layout were made - it's called "automatic placement" - but it means that manual adjustments made in older versions - especially those made to work around deficiencies in those older versions - can turn out to be counterproductive. So indeed older scores might not look the same. Usually it's easy enough to update them, but you can also keep MuseScore 2 on your system for those scores, while continuing to take advantage of automatic placement and other improvements in MuseScore 3 for new scores.

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