Converting Musescore 3 to Musescore 2

• Jan 20, 2019 - 09:50

Good morning!
The new version (Musescore 3) works very bad and slowly and I would like to convert my new created file into Musescore 2. How can I do it? Here is this file.
I'm sorry for my english.
Thank you,
Ivan P

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Золотой_петушок.mscz 42.9 KB


Can you be more specific about the problem you are experiencing with this score? In general, MuseScore 3 should be at least as fast as MuseScore 2, and I don't see anything going noticeably slow with the score you attached, nor do I see any evidence of other problems aside from an easily-corrected glitch with the formatting of your custom-edited tempo text.

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Hi Marc, I'm experiencing something interesting. When I close musescore 3, it crashes. Not a huge deal because I am closing it anyway, but something interesting happens. Anything that has been auto saved is safe, but if I try to close it before saving I get the dialogue asking me if I want to save before I quit. I click save and then as musescore is quitting, it crashes almost immediately. Even though I clicked save, nothing that wasnt already auto saved will remains.

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