MuseScore a mess after update

• Jan 20, 2019 - 13:54

After running the Synaptic update this afternoon and wanting to edit a score with it,I noticed my desktop shortcut had disappeared.
Trying to correct this I noticed that in stead of its normal icon it changed into some AppImage icon.
Started MuseScore by clicking on it I discovered to my horror that every custom setting which I had made was gone.
Also my score fingering makeup is a complete mess and I have to do everything all over again to get things as they were.
Is this caused by the AppImage?
Also I cannot find in the menu bar "Style" and my things more.

What happened? I am now running version 3.0.1 and running MuseScore in PCLinuxOS KDE5 Plasma

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It sounds like you "upgraded" from version 2 to version 3. Version 2 is still there. Unfortunately except for the scores, most of the personalized items on version 3 will need to be redone, including workspaces and shortcuts. Version 2 is still there, you just need to find it. I'm not sure how linux works exactly, but you should find it under a directory called "MuseScore 2" or something along those lines.

It's normal that settings would not be preserved across such a major update as this (the once-every-four years type of update, like from Windows 7 to Windows 8 to Windows 10 to whatever might succeed it).

As for fingering, hold tight. Some changes were made to the fingering algorithm that improved some things but resulted in some things not working as well, or at least differently. I have a couple of PR's pending that should vastly improve the fingering over what is there now or for that matter over 2.3.2, and hopefully they will be included i the next update.

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No need to uninstall 3 - MuseScore 2 & 3 can happy coexist. So you can continue to use MuseScore 2 for existing scores that you don't want to spend the time to update, and MuseScore 3 for new scores where you want to save enormous amounts of time and effort by taking advantage of automatic placement and other new features. But indeed you will still want to hold off on fingerings specifically until an update with my changes is available.

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