Automatic spacing issue between staves on only some parts of the score

• Jan 20, 2019 - 17:12

I have attached a picture of what I mean as well as the score. I'm working on a score right now and am having some issues with spacing between staves. My score is 4 Voice + piano at the moment and I have lyrics written for the first line. Most of the lyrics are spaced fine, but on the first page and one of the pages I attached, there is extra space below the lyrics when I have automatic placement on. Without automatic placement, the lyrics are where I expect them to be, although the automatic placement is really nice as well for the horizontal spacing.

I have experimented with the other settings to try and fix the issue and when I set the minimum spacing to -2.0, the staves sits as normal. This was okay for a little bit, but eventually I have found myself running to other issues as a result. I was wondering if there was a fix for this issue or if I was misusing something in the program since I'm relatively new to Musescore. Thank you!

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Hmm, I can see the effect, but looking into details and settings I don't see the reason for this

Reset Style seems to fix it though, at least improves it in a way that there are now 2 systems per page (except for the 1st page.
Hmm, that is because for me A4 is the default and for you it is Letter, so not a good fix

You have extra empty lyrics in verse 2 and more. Double-click "us" and hit down arrow twice to "see" the extra syllables. The hit up arrow again to make them go away. At letter "B", the same thing happens with the second syllable of "Per-fect".

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