Long Ties Die Out At Slow Tempo

• Jan 22, 2019 - 11:59


I'm having an issue in the newest version where long ties (3 or 4+ whole notes) die out prematurely if the tempo is slower. I've been searching for some fixes but have been unable to find any. I've attached an example with tempo changes to show the issue.

Increasing the tempo to very fast speeds lets the whole tie play out; but the piece I'm inputting requires slow speeds with long sustained tied notes.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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I was about to post what you have. I had the same problem once and was told that it is caused by the way some fonts are "looped". Your explanation has now confirmed that observation. I did a workaround with another voice made invisible to extend the long violin tone at pp. (The invisible voice's attack coincided with the entry of other instruments, thereby hiding it own attack.)

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Yes, thank you, Jojo. Of course. But I was referring to a harmonic at pp which did not last one bar at slow/moderate tempo with the font I used. The explanation about the "loop" was explained by (I think) Marc Sabatella. That's why I used the workaround.

In my view, software should not impose itself in this particular case. A good violinist could make an imperceptible bow change especially within the texture of the accompaniment.

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