How to play a slightly different melody during repetition?

• Jan 22, 2019 - 13:41

Recently I am recording the voice track of the famous song Only my railgun with lyrics marked by romaji cuz I can't read literal Japanese. But that is not important!

The real problem is, at measure 27 (the second measure on the shown line,)
the second time this part is sung (i.e. during repetition,) it was like this:
i.e. "flat B" rather than "G". You can go to YouTube and check it yourself.
Of course I cannot just change it to this in the score cuz is was "G" the first time this part is sung, but I feel bad for tolerating this inaccuracy. What I ideally want is something like this (made by "external program" :P)
i.e. the two different melodies are shown separately, with the lyrics at the appropriate positions, while for the same parts, everything goes with the first ("default") melody leaving the second line empty, but the lyrics are aligned (otherwise readability would be greatly reduced.) Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to do this in Musescore (version, revision: 06a66a2)

Can anyone help? Thank you! :)


You could use voltas, but those are for alternate endings, not alternate middle pieces.
Bue maybe this works or at least tells your musicians what this is meant to be played/sung like

Use a cutaway for this.

Add the extra staff under the existing one, and add the notes for the alternate notes. I would add all of the lyrics to the top staff and move them later. In the alternate staff, right click the staff, choose staff/parts properties and check cutaway in the options at the top. Now to fix the lyrics, Select the range of measures where you want to move the lyrics. Right click any of these lyrics you want to move and choose select>more... Check the boxes that say "Same subtype" and in selection then click OK. You will now have all of the words you want move selected. In the inpsector (press F9 if you can't see it). Remove the check from automatic placement and change the Y offset to about 15 to see how the lyrics look. You can adjust this number higher or lower until you like where they are.

One note, I would not do this until this page will not change. I would put system breaks on all systems and a pages breaks to make sure the page doesn't change or you will probably need to change the lyrics.

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Thank you so much! I followed your instructions and now the score is perfect! I never imagined about these capabilities of Musescore. (I'm relatively new xD) See the picture. If you have any further suggestions, don't hesitate to tell me and I will highly appreciate!
One more question: I now want to export to an audio file like WAV. How can I configure this part? Currently both melodies are played simultaneously during both the first time and the repetition. Is it possible to do this?

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Unfortunately playback cannot work with this method. You will need to select all of the notes in one of the measures and remove the check for them in the inspector so it doesn't sound bad.

As for the capabilities. First this is new to version 3.0. This is based upon my knowledge of what the program can do, and adapting the capabilities to a specific purpose.

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