MuseScore 3.0.2 Translation cycle starts

• Jan 22, 2019 - 15:06

Hello dear translators!

As you probably know, we deliver updates faster now. The release cycle is about 2-3 weeks.
Such pace adds some limitation for translators, and gives more opportunities.

The best way to fit the tempo is to work on new strings about 1 week before release and 1 week after. The translation of MuseScore 3.0.1 has been stopped on Transifex which means all the new translations will go to MuseScore 3.0.2.

We are going to add few string changes within few days.

We will announce the translation freeze date for MuseScore 3.0.2 in this forum and in the Transifex later.

Thank you for all the hard work you do to deliver the best translations to the users. Stay tuned!


You translate polish. Gootector deleted his account on and he left translation team on the Transifex. He said: 'Send mother*s in the space'. No comment. He is my friend and I understand his reaction very well.

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Yeah :] MuseScore 3 is a crap. MusicXML import in MS3 is... This is the new definition of 'import' :] I'm using Dorico as my scorewriter. I liked MuseScore 1&2, but version 3 must have a new name: MuseCrash. It's that true Anatoly is an employee of MuseScore company and donations are illegal? Gootector's account is still available on, but his account on was deleted. It looks like break of European law - RODO (a right to be forgotten

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Hi Jacek,

I didn't force Gootector to do such things. His messages were massively marked as spam by the community members and forum visitors.

I want to recall simple and effective rules of communication in the MuseScore space (

  • Be nice is a worldwide community, and there are many different people with many different ideas and opinions here. This is a good thing, but be respectful of the fact that not everyone will always feel the same way as you, and try to keep disagreements civil. Treat people the way you would like to be treated.
  • Don’t be rude in your comments or behavior provides facilities to let you write descriptions of your music, comment about other people’s music, and participate in discussions. I’m sure you can think of a hundred ways to abuse those privileges and really annoy people. Don’t do it.

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Hi @Gootector,

I'm glad to see you again. I read a lot of your posts on and last few days. I was happy to see how kind you were. I see great input to MuseScore project you made for the last 8 years (amazing!).

I will be really happy to work and improve MuseScore with you in the future despite on the recent disagreements.

Kindly yours,

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"Waves smooth again" is at least a German term for "I hope, that calm things down again someday."
As surely other too I read about the disputes inside this forum. In this sense my personal hope is to return to a discussion about MuseScore issues - as in most cases.
(Btw. it was a response in general, not of a specific comment or a specific user).

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