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• Jan 22, 2019 - 20:54

Whenever I import a song that was made in Guitar Pro (that is, with a file the .gpx extension), it gets converted for use in MuseScore with the master score along with individual parts. One thing that's really nice about this is that when you click on the individual guitar and bass parts, there's a normal staff as well as one for the corresponding tableture. This is great because it prevents those parts from taking up too much space on the master score. However, I'm not sure how to recreate this in MuseScore from scratch. Is there an option somewhere that makes tableture staves only visible when looking at individual parts?


Yes, it a bit of a strange workaround in my opinion.

Start with a single staff, if you have a linked staff with a normal staff, delete it for the moment. Use the same instruments dialog you used to delete the standard staff as necessary, change the staff to a tablature of the proper type. Create a part while the staff is a tablature and the part will display a tablature. You can then add back linked staves or change staff type if you need to in the main score.

I don't know how much of this relies on bugs, so I hope it continues to work for users such as yourself.

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Well, first idea: "steal" a GP file, by creating an empty new file! (.gpx, .gp not supported yet)
You load it with MuseScore, it works (transposing not completely, and there is a few glitchs of display, but the layout fixes itself). But of course, without guarantee, tests number of this kind of files being close to zero!
Here: Template_nylon_guitar.mscz

With MuseScore: create a score for guitar (Standard + Linked Tab staff) -> Create parts -> "I" -> Add a new guitar (eg single standard staff) -> Untick "Visible" the first guitar double staff -> Ok
When your score is entered in the "second" instrument -> copy-paste (it's the only limitation, if we can really talk about limitation in this case compared to the first model, but surely safer) the content in the part.
Template MS.mscz

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You don't have to ever have two staves when doing this. Use a standard staff, create a part, change it to a tablature staff in the instruments dialog box (press i to see it) then create anther part. You can then change the score's tab to the type where you want to edit the score. Make sure that if you want to do further edits, you do it in the score, not a part, because there will probably be things that will not make it from one part to the other.

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exatly this is the problem: to have 2 staves in the part and one in the score.
the idea withe the not linked 2nd guitar is good. In the 1st case with the empty guitarpro file i often have the problem that later i want to add another instrument + then i have the problem.
I also tried to change the mszx file but didnt get it right

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