MuseScore 3.0.1 - Changing instrument is changing part name

• Jan 25, 2019 - 19:13
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S3 - Major

I have imported a v2 score into v3 and found a issue with the part names printed before each staff.
I have many scores that have a Mallet Percussion staff and within this staff I often change from one mallet instrument to another (i.e. xylophone to bells and later to vibraphone).
As obvious the part name cannot be the same as the instrument name here, so I use a generic part name, long instrument name and short instrument name.
However now in v3 when I do this the next page after the change instrument has the staff name set to the new instrument. I have found no options in v3 to either hide this text (so I can place a staff text) or edit this text or change this behaviour.
In v2 this was not a problem. Change of instrument did not effect the staff part name being displayed.
I found an old issue for v2:
In that issue it is mentioned that v2 should keep the name defined for the staff when changing the instrument. Because of this I believe this is a bug in v3. If not a bug, then at least it is a change of behaviour and one that I personally do not like.

I have attached a sample score (apology for the Dutch in the score). Staff 29 is set to display Mallet Percussion or Mallet Perc while the instrument selected is Glockenspiel. Page 2 displays Mallet Perc., as expected. In measure 12 the instrument is changed to Vibraphone. Page 3 now displays Vib. instead of the expected Mallet Perc.

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I would like to see the replacemant of the partname by the changed instrument name optional or at least have the possibility to hide the partname and replace/override with custom text. For me this will be a blocking issue to use v3, however as I believe not everyone will use the software the same as me I set the severity to S3.

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