how to delete triplet bracket

• Jan 30, 2019 - 14:05

Hi all,

Please see the attached jpg files, I am trying to delete the top bracket or remove or hide..
1- It wont' let me hide it.
2- if I click on it and delete all the notes disappear.
3- if I delete and and undo the note appear as the jpg file, they no longer share the stem (on top of each other)

What am I doing wrong ? anybody out there can recommend a solution ?

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Treplet-bracket.JPG 39.05 KB
ShartNotes.JPG 29.04 KB


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Just a quick follow up to my question.. it's more a curiosity than an issue; once I put select (none) to the bracket and the number and move on to working on other things to the point an UNDO is no longer and option, if I ever want to get them back how would I be able to do that when there is nothing on the screen to select and change the option ?

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