MuseScore completly crashing and loosing all of my saved scores.

• Feb 1, 2019 - 23:16
^This was a previous statement.^

Today my MuseScore crashed which isnt suprising from a bad program. But this time, it deleted all of my saved scores along with crashing, so all of my work in progress, and saved finished scores are completly gone. THANKS TO MUSESCORE 3!

I got a pop up saying that my scores were all corrupted and left me with nothing. Usually it allows you to ignore it and still open, so I went along with it. And BEHOLD!!! All my scores were gone due to MuseScore crashing.

Honestly I am really considering on buying a professional, music program because this program DOES NOT hold up any standards on ANY computer. This is the LAST straw I have had with this program. It seems that no one cares and just changes the layout and colors, instead of fixing bugs and helping everyone who uses this program to have a great experience.

It sucks that I have to so this, because I have made a career using this program, but you guys can NOT get it together and fix this stupid program. It crashes pretty much hourly to daily.

Personally I think you should stop all downloads for EVERYTHING MUSESCORE RELATED until this program is fixed and ready for public use, if people were buying this program, your company would be in the hole SEVERELY.

If anyone has advice to get my deleted/corrupted scores back somehow back in the program and folders, it would be MUCH appreciated. And no, they are NOT in my computers trash bin.


I've been using MuseScore for a long time.
Previously (on v2.x) there was some rare corruptions. And they could be fixed from backup files.
But I don't remember that this software has deleted any of my files so far.
And the scores you saved with version3 will not open in version2.

If you have unopened (or corrupted) files, it may be very useful to add a few here.
If there's anything to do, We'd be happy to help.

v2.x and v3.x use separate "Scores" folders. Your old (v2) files may be in the folder of version2. If you are using the windows operating system, the following folder paths are used separately for each version:
v2: "C:/users/yourUserName/Documents/ Musescore2/Scores/"
v3: "C:/users/yourUserName/Documents/ Musescore3/Scores/"

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