Wrong Midi-Channels when exporting Midi-File

• Feb 2, 2019 - 04:17


when I choose some articulations for different notes,
Musescore 3 doesn't export the Midi-Channels correctly...

For Example:
A Violin played arco (normal) should be Midi-Channel 1, pizzicato (plucked) should be Midi-Channel 2.
If the Track gets exported as a Midifile, all Notes are on Midi-Channel 1.
If the Notes are copied to another track and that one gets exported,
all Notes are on Midi-Track 4.

This bug does only occur in Musescore 3,
in Musescore 2 everything is working as it should.

You'll find all the files (mid + mscz) as attachment.

Thxs a lot, best,

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Midi-Test.mscz 6.42 KB
Midi-Test-Violine.mid 208 bytes
Midi-Test-Viola.mid 208 bytes


I'm not so sure that's a bug - there is nothing wrong with putting everything on one MIDI channel as long as there are also appropriate program change messages where needed. I don't have a MIDI editor to check, though. Are you sure they are not present?

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Hello Marc,
as I wrote: In Musescore 2 evrathing works fine as it should...
The issue only occurs in Musescore 3...
If one wants to play back the MIDI-File with any VST (especially a non-GM-VST), different MIDI channels are necessary to make different sounds beeing playable on different channels...
Best, Roman

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