How do you insert ukulele fretboard diagrams

• Feb 3, 2019 - 22:16

Please add the option to add ukulele fretboard diagrams for chords. I see guitar chord fretboard diagram option ukulele-chord-chart.jpg ukulele-chord-chart.jpg , but not for ukulele. Please add this feature.

I tried to enter on the tab option, but that is extremely time consuming and doesn't really look the way we need it to.

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See this palette of diagrams for ukulele. You have only to load it in the program: Ukulele Chords.mpal
(you need to add a custom workspace for this)
NB: and for edition (frets, strings etc.), it's doable now in the Inspector, not in context menu as in versions 2.X

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"Cannot read file /Users/SpencerHome/Desktop/Ukulele Chords.mpal:
unknown type." Any suggestions for how to get it to read your file?"

A file with the extension .mpal does not open in the same way as you other .mscz files
Assuming that you have created a custom workspace (which allows you to create or edit palettes), you must first open the program, then right-click on an existing palette -> Load palette > Open the desired palette.

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Yes, your example shows what I am looking for. However, when I add a guitar fretboard diagram to a score, the chord name is automatically inserted above the diagram - no need to manually insert the chord name myself. I tried the two .mpal ukulele fretboard palettes described in the message thread above, but neither automatically shows the chord name, just the fretboard diagram, when I use the palette to create the chord diagram in the score. Is this a bug?

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Marc: thanks for the suggestion - I made up a simple (21 chords - major, 7th, and mnor) palette of ukulele chords, and they seem to work properly, i.e., the chord symbols appear above the fretboard diagrams. The attached .mpal file is the resulting palette for MuseScore 3.1 and above. I would be grateful if anyone lets me know of any errors.

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