How do you insert ukulele fretboard diagrams

• Feb 3, 2019 - 22:16

Please add the option to add ukulele fretboard diagrams for chords. I see guitar chord fretboard diagram option ukulele-chord-chart.jpg ukulele-chord-chart.jpg , but not for ukulele. Please add this feature.

I tried to enter on the tab option, but that is extremely time consuming and doesn't really look the way we need it to.

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See this palette of diagrams for ukulele. You have only to load it in the program: Ukulele Chords.mpal
(you need to add a custom workspace for this)
NB: and for edition (frets, strings etc.), it's doable now in the Inspector, not in context menu as in versions 2.X

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"Cannot read file /Users/SpencerHome/Desktop/Ukulele Chords.mpal:
unknown type." Any suggestions for how to get it to read your file?"

A file with the extension .mpal does not open in the same way as you other .mscz files
Assuming that you have created a custom workspace (which allows you to create or edit palettes), you must first open the program, then right-click on an existing palette -> Load palette > Open the desired palette.

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