Musescore 3.0 does not save position adjustments on fingering

• Feb 6, 2019 - 20:47

I'm working on a guitar score, and when I add fingerings, the original position is often right on top of some other element. Moving the item to a position where it is legible is not saved. If I close and reopen the file after saving, it's back to being an illegible blob. Any suggestions?


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Indeed, by using the arrow keys, the positioning is lost on Save. But it is preserved by moving fingerings with mouse. It's a bit unexpected, but if it's a bug, it can still be useful! :)
Not sure what's really planned here.

Then you say you are looking for a more consistent behaviour. Coherent, that is? If, for example, you want these fingerings to all appear horizontally on an imaginary straight line, you can do so.

First enter your RH fingering as usual. Then adjust one of the fingering to the desired position (with mouse or arrow key). Then simply click the "S" button in the Inspector, to the right of the X/Y settings. It's magical: all the fingerings align. Very good new feature.
We can also do it from the beginning: enter a fingering, make the desired adjustment, click "S", and all the subsequent other fingerings, then, will keep the same alignment as the first one.

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I tried the 'S' trick. When I do that, the fingerings all align to a set X,Y displacement from the root note, not a straight line - better than having a fingering overlapping another note, but not quite what I'm looking for.
Really, the goal is just readability. My teacher has me writing out all the RH fingering for a Weiss Chaconne. It's easier to follow if my eyes aren't bouncing around like a ping-pong ball. But the move-with-mouse trick does the job. Thanks.

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I'm trying to think if my layout changes for 3.0.2 could have caused this, but I can't see how. Can you verify this by checking some older builds? I think it more likely this has been a problem ever since I got text moving by cursor to work during the beta period, and the fix I made shortly afterwards to make sure this does get saved doesn't work for fingerings, for some reason.

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Yes, adjustments should be preserved whether made by mouse or cursor. So, I want to verify if manual adjustments of fingerings by cursor keys ever worked after save/reload. I only enabled moving text by keyboard fairly late in the game, during beta 2 I think, and for a few days (weeks?) after, none of these changes would survive save/reload, but I believe I fixed that shortly before release.

Actually, though, I'm now quite confused, because for me, fingering adjustments are saved whether made by cursor or mouse. So I am actually no seeing a problem?

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I notice a change on October 25.

With this one (bd2928d), the behaviour is erratic. When the fingering is entered, so although it is highlighted, it does not respond (as if it was sticked in place) to the arrow keys. But, if dragging it a bit with the mouse first, then the arrow keys became operational. And the settings were kept on Save.

On the other hand, with this one (84dbe94), the behavior becomes as expected again: after input, the fingering is immediately responsive to the arrow keys' requests.

Though, the settings are lost after reload. There are some commits between these two nightlies (very dense time!), but maybe this one?…
I submit the report.

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