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• Feb 8, 2019 - 15:33

Hi All, If I go ahead an download the latest MS version 3+, will it cause problems or bugs or readjustments with the current score I'm working on, (f I open with 3+) or with earlier scores done with MS? Also, I am hoping the new version will improve Playback Sound, if it does at all.


If you download version 3 you can open version 2 scores. Make sure that you save any score edited in version 3 in a different place than your version 2 score. Don't replace an existing version 2 score, they can exist happily next to each other. The only way to know which version saved a score is to open it. What I do is keep my version 2 scores in one folder and version 3 scores in a different folder.

One other thing, I would always answer yes to allowing user positions to be reset so version 3 can format it automatically. It will look different, but you should only need to reposition some of the items. Version 3 responds very different to your actions than version 2 (or 1) did, so you will have quite a bit of new processes to learn. I'll look forward to your many questions.

Sound is always a subjective opinion and in my opinion there is no significant change yet. Playback is expected to significantly improve in version 3.1 when it comes out. There will probably be 1 or 2 more releases before that happens. Bug updates are scheduled to happen about every 3 weeks.

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I made this comment,, as a quick guide to differences between versions 2 & 3. I made this is response to a lot of people wanting to use version 2 rather than version 3. People don't understand that they need to rethink the way they do things in the new program. It's different, and I look forward to it getting to the point I'm comfortable with using it for a symphonic score. There are still too many bugs that I can't overcome, but I really want to use it's new features.

Re: Any earlier complex work(s) - like, for instance, a completed opera score with a fancy title sheet, multiple instruments, lyrics, stage directions, section breaks for different acts, tons of manual score adjustments, etc.
I would definitely keep a copy of such old version(s) where they can never be (unknowingly or intentionally) overwritten as a MuseScore3 file.
Simple scores are not a big deal.
Also, are you still using Windows Vista?

Using MuseScore 3 for brand new compositions (simple or complex) will enable you to 'learn the ropes' - and help uncover new bugs. You may, however, reach an impasse if you must then wait for any new release which contains the bug fix you desperately need to continue work.

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