Superfluous key signatures

• Feb 10, 2019 - 16:25

I have been using MS2 since all the problems with MS3 at the release, with the exception of one piece I started and mostly completed using MS3. I view it as a test piece to see how issues resolve---or not. On this piece, I had many problems, including key signature in places where they did not belong, such as mid line for no apparent reason. Now that the piece is almost done except for these goofy key signatures placed at random, I would like to finish it and send it off. I can't do that looking like this and I can't find a way to remove these extras to improve appearance. I try to delete but am not allowed to do so. Any suggestions?
************* Whoa!! I went to the score to screenshot the problem areas and, to my shock, the problems are gone today. They were certainly there last night when I closed down, but everything looks correct today. Now I am really confused! Any explanations?


I too had this problem. I had a 3 staff score, all in concert C but for Bb trumpets, so the key signature was 2 #. Also, I had created multi-bars. On transposition, the main body correctly appeared in C (no key signature), but the 2 sharps re-appeared on encountering the multi-bars, although it didn't affect the notes. Saving and re-opening had no effect. Deactivating and reactivating multi-bars had no effect.

Eventually I clicked on the spurious key-signatures, then clicked on Bb in the Key signature palette (one by one) and hey presto!, they disappeared. Mmm.

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