Kids theme and workspace for MuseScore 3

• Feb 11, 2019 - 20:19

Hey everyone,

I prepared a theme for my niece. She is 5 years old and starts learning piano.
She is really happy to play with MuseScore 3! :)

The_Simpsons_Main_Title_Theme_-_Piano 2019-02-11 22-07-53.png

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LOL. Most nephews are males and the females are called nieces.

Custom workspaces are great. I always use a custom space unless I run across an item I rarely use.

I'm touched - first signs of getting old ;-)?
Honestly, I like it (and can imagine other scenarios for such a workspace - independent of the age) . But I don't find any handbook entry to save or load an user customize workspace. Maybe it should be added there.
And above I would like to see to have on the possibility to download and use customized workspaces (for example I believe to remember of customized workspaces with fretboard diagrams for ukulele).

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I just created mine in MuseScore first, then took the .workspace file from ~/.local/share/MuseScore/MuseScore3/workspaces/ and worked on the XML until I was happy. I’m not sure if MuseScore picks up new .workspace files you plug into it, but I’d assume so.

@Anatoly: great idea! I’d however, for symmetry, make it so that the crescendo and diminuendo lines are next to each other, i.e. move the slur down (or the… pedal bracket? up).

There are a bunch of workspace customizations added by Joshua Bonn uring last summer's GSoC, only some of which are user-visible. Others currently require hand-editing the owrkspace file (like changing the menu structure). Creating such a kid-friendly UI was definitely one of the use cases we had in mind. Eventually I'd like to see us create one (or more) to include with the installation.


I guess that for a 5 year old beginner, playing the Simpsons Main Title Theme is waaay more impressive than, say, London Bridge or Frère Jacques.
(By the way, that's a cute looking score with the graphics.)


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